I’m Jay. I split my time between Kurilpa/West End (Turrbal land) and Nimbin (Bundjalung country).

I’ve had a few home pages since the 1990s, this one dates from 2024, last updated January 6.

I’m a tech writer, Pirate, nerd, TTRPG enjoyer, juggler, parent, dilettante author, and lefty. I love solar power and nuclear power. Sometimes I set the crossword for the local paper. This page ties various parts of my web presence together. There is no blog. I have no presence on the Zuck or Musk sites. Surveillance capitalism is a poison. I am gradually switching away from Alphabet powered services, don’t judge me. I will not fix your computer. I will not watch your long YouTube about Chemtrails. I will not debate you about whether everyone deserves equality before the law. Popper’s paradox of tolerance is real. It’s only meaningful to describe anything as either good or bad, if that’s in relation to the alternatives. You can reach me with a mastodon DM or email [firstname]stephens at tutanota dot com.

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